Instagram okay?


Got some lists off tumblr and wrote them down in my doodle notebook.

this reached 10k just yesterday omg
Omg i can't belive how perfect your blog is!! I love Tfios so I clicked in on your blog, and the first post is edward sharp and the magnetic zeroes!! My all time fave band! I hope you have a fantastic day:)
- Anonymous

Aw you’re so lovely thank you! I love Edward Sharpe hehe they’re so fun and cute! You too cutie c: x


Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
What movie is that from with the pictures/ gifs that say "Love everyone", "Every ray of light" etc. ?
- Anonymous

It’s from ‘The Tree of Life’; I’ve been meaning to watch it for ages! c:


This is actually really cute.

Posting a few unfinished scraps from 2013.
I was suddenly very aware that everything is made up of patterns, and everything is, really, very small.

found this old piano in the bushes last spring, hiking around an island. it’s been there for so long the tree is growing into it & it makes me wonder who used to play it and why it’s outside