Instagram okay?


Previously unseen photo of Marianne Faithfull and Mick Jagger in San Remo, Italy where Marianne was participating in the eponymous Song Festival. This was on of the first times they were photographed together. | January 1967

oh my gosh. i’m going to cry
omg what are you going to do with your URL??
- Anonymous

just let it go to the first taker x

i think you should do whatever you think is the best for you. :) but you will be missed if you delete. take care and much love to you <3
- Anonymous

than you very much petal. you too xx

Don't delete it. Just let someone run it for a bit. A tumblr is such a shame to waste. You worked hard at yours.
- faded-truth

Good idea, but I don’t know whether I can see myself coming back to this blog after letting someone run it for a bit:( Thank you though! Yeah it is hard because I have put so much time into this blog (as sad as that sounds…) that it seems so hard to let go haha! c:



the world is saved

fucking tourist 
Wait, why do you want to delete your tumblr?!
- Anonymous

It’s just such a waste of time, I mean I’ve met some nice people and found some interesting stuff on here but now it seems so pointless. I’m starting my A levels too so I really can’t have these kind of distractions. It just makes me sad because I’ve stopped doing as much of things like reading and spend loads of time on here instead even though I don’t enjoy it that much….?

the day i delete my tumblr will be a fantastic day




Starry Night.

I need this!!

everything personal

The Giant’s Wake.


by Khánh Hmoong