Instagram okay?

a letter from Matisse

John Lennon with his 45s (London, 1968)

Also I got some stuff from lush and I’m really excited to try it out
wait so what gcse results did you get
- Anonymous

Overall I got 8 A*s and 5 As c:

CONGRATULATIONS to everybody who got their GCSE results today! I’m sure you all did spectacularly and if you’re disappointed do remember that they aren’t that important anyway - don’t let exams decide your self worth :)

@ikeepchangingmydamnurl said: have fun (:

thank you! c:

so i’m going on holiday the day after tomorrow so i won’t be online for a week :) just thought i’d let you know :))

'Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.'

Dash Snow’s Studio in New York